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davide-santon-je rsey/

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PostPosted: Sat Mar 10, 2018 2:05 am    Post subject: davide-santon-je rsey/ Reply with quote

I wanted to paint my walls white. How hard could that be? You go to the paint store , buy a few gallons, and slap it on.

I did that first part: I went to a paint store. But when I told the salesman I needed white paint, he pulled out that color chart that opens up like a fan to reveal six hundred different shades of white and throws you into a full on panic attack. (I've never responded well to a multitude of choices.)

"Can you narrow it down to, say, the creamy ones?" I asked. The salesman licked his fingers and snapped shut about a third of the Panic Wheel, leaving me with only about 400 decisions to make. I grew a whiter shade of pale and moisture sprang from my armpits. Clearly this was too much for me.

I went home and launched a large-scale obsession. I asked friends and relatives for their thoughts on white paint. I visited my neighbor on the pretext of borrowing a can opener and secured the name of her paint color. I called a hotel where I'd once admired the bedroom walls. I asked the bookseller, the neurologist , the florist, anywhere I saw a good white, I asked someone what it was. I went online, did some social networking, picked the brains of people I do not know.

When I'd finally assembled a group of color candidates, the wall of my dining room became a patchwork of samples, which I checked on at different times of day as the light shifted.

I also painted the colors on white Bristol board and carried the samples from room to room. I made decisions , booked the painter, panicked and un-booked him. I threw away rejected colors, and then, in a frenzy of uncertainty, re-bought them for another look.

I kept all this activity covert, under my husband's radar, so he wouldn't have me committed. I did eventually make a few selections , and it worked out all right, if not perfectly. (One room suffered through two repaints.)

I offer here a list of my top choices of white wall paint (which are really almost-but-not-quite white) from a variety of manufacturers. This will save you weeks of trial and error, time better spent mastering the tango, buying a new garden hose, or writing your congresswoman. (If you do write her, please ask what color she painted her bathroom.)

Benjamin Moore ($20-$50 per gallon)
I used both "Oatmeal" and "Linen White," the latter being more yellowy , the former more, well, oaty, but both nice colors. "Swiss Coffee" is another one I have used, which is like white with a little splash of espresso. "Alabaster" is a good B.M. color for trim, also.

Donald Kaufman ($90 per gallon)
"#28" is a beautiful creamy white my sister-in-law has all over their house. I was too cheap to buy it, but D.K.'s paint is amazing , more like light than paint, so you might want to splurge in a room or two.

Farrow and Ball ($70 per gallon)
This manufacturer makes my favorite colors, all of which have inspiring names. It's pricey, so I limited myself to using "Matchstick" in my office only, but if I were going to splurge I'd have also gone for "Satin Slipper" or "Clunch," colors so interesting they inspire conversation.

YOLO ($40 per gallon)
If you are in eco-friendly mode, these paints are non-toxic and low VOC , and Air.01 and Air.02 are lovely whites.

Restoration Hardware ($32-$36 per gallon)
"Mediterranean White" and "Buttermilk" are good choices and reasonably priced, and "The Right White" is great for trim.
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Jessica Harper is a Hollywood-based actorsingersonwriterauthor whose website, jessicaharper , features musings and tips on many of lifes pleasures and curiosities.

Article Source:

A study published this week in JAMA Internal Medicine says dementia rates are declining on a national scale—and education has something to do with it.The study, which began in 1992 and involves over 21,000 people, found that improved education rates might have something to do with the decline."Authors of the study found that senior citizens today are better educated than even half a generation ago. The population studied in 2012 stayed in school 13 years , while the seniors studied in 2000 had about 12 years of education, according to the study,” said KHOU.It is true that more education means a better lifestyle:"People with more education tend to earn more money and have better access to health care. They’re less likely to smoke, more likely to exercise and less likely to be overweight. People with more education also may live in safer neighborhoods and have less stress,” the article said.But it’s also true that people who are better educated are better equipped to handle problems associated with old age later on in life."It’s also possible that people with more education can better compensate for memory problems as they age, finding ways to work around their impairments, according to an accompanying editorial by Ozioma Okonkwo and Dr. Sanjay Asthana of the University of Wisconsin School of Medicine and Public Health.”Access to education has been linked to the decline of many health issues and has even been linked to a longer life span.In 2012 , findings published in the journal Health Affairs found that educational achievements might be a bigger predictor of a long life than genetics and family history.The authors of the findings found that education is so powerful in determining life longevity that they called on policy makers to "implement educational enhancements at young, middle, and older ages for people of all races, to reduce the large gap in health and longevity that persists today.”Education has also been linked to lower rates of hypertension, emphysema, diabetes, anxiety and depression."The magnitude of the relationship between education and health varies across co. Cheap Jerseys China Cheap Jerseys Cheap Custom Jerseys Cheap MLB Jerseys Cheap NBA Jerseys China Cheap Wholesale Jerseys Cheap New NHL Jerseys Wholesale Jerseys From China Wholesale NCAA Jerseys Wholesale MLB Jerseys
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